Row 1: Andrea Viscarra, Sienna Sinclaire,  Dr. Suzy,  Jaiya,  Bonnie Gayle. Row 2: Jo Wo, Morgan Bailey,Tasia,Bon Jon Syn, Dawn Michael. Photo: JuxLii

Length: 112:16 minutes        Date: 11/26/2011

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Cooking classes are conducted in a kitchen.  So why shouldn’t a class in Sex Ed be conducted in bed? If you were thinking of playing hooky from the classroom—or make that, the Womb Room—you may want to think again as this is one lesson you won’t want to ditch. Yes, class, it’s back to school night at the Speakeasy as we welcome a freaky faculty full of therapists and educators on our favorite subjects—the pleasures of sex and the passion of revolution.

Featured Guests:

Jo Wo: Occupy LA Occupies The Speakeasy, as Jo gives us a mini teach-in on his daily personal involvement with Occupy Los Angeles since 9/29/11 and his feelings about the movement.

Jaiya: Charismatic somatic sexologist, Red Hot Touch co-author and RadioSuzy1 virgin, Jaiva is a “hands-on” sex therapist who loves her “job” with a passion. After regaling us with tales of her successful stint of 101 days of self-pleasure and her recent top-secret work with Tony Robbins in Mexico, she and her partner, Jon Hanauer, share delicious homemade aphrodisiacs, including a ginseng and deer-antler testosterone-infused tea and sensuous vegan chocolate mousse  which we lick off each other’s pulse points and nipples.  Then she delivers an impressively detailed male anatomy lesson here at the school of Hard Cocks, donning rubber gloves and slathering on the “Sex Butter” provided by one of our guests to give one of the most elaborate, elegant and sensuous handjobs I’ve ever seen to a very happy penis belonging to another one of our guests.  A manual stimulation artist, Jaiya strokes, slaps and kneads that cock like a French baguette, which makes some of the other guests very hungry.

Morgan Bailey: Beloved RadioSuzy1 alumna and TS performer, Morgan comes “home” to the Speakeasy  for the holiday, sharing her bodacious boobs for chocolate licking, but generally taking it easy this show—something about a sun-burnt anus…

Dawn Michael: Sex therapist, marriage counselor, lover of laughter and author of an upcoming book, Dawn actually met her current partner, porn star Bon Jon Syn, right here in the Womb Room when she visited us for Purim with her mentor, world-renowned sex therapist Dr. Patti Britton.

Bon Jon Syn: Another veteran Speakeasy guest, now Dawn’s partner, Bon provides his courageous cock, aptly dubbed “The Beast,” for Jaiya’s exotic handjob and shares a few of his own masturbatory techniques with the class as well.

Sienna Sinclaire: Another proud protégé of Dr. Patti, this sex-coach dolls up and then takes it off in a burlesque striptease to Marilyn Monroe singing “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” We especially appreciate the failing adhesive properties of her silver pasties once they slip away like sex butter, showing off her sweet and perky nipples, as well as the sequined thong that really puts the ass into passing a class with flying colors. It also proves: Faulty Pasties Are My Show’s Best Friend…

Bonnie Gayle:  Creator of Sex Butter with luscious vagina-friendly coconut oil, she spreads the Sex Butter love.

Andrea Viscarra: An audience member and fellow educator of sex with fabulous natural boobs, she came with Sienna, whom she also met here in the Womb Room at a previous show.

Special thanks to Justine Middleton for editorial assistance with this bloggamy.

Weapons of Discussion

Sex Education, Revolution is an Aphrodisiac, V is for Vendetta, Joan of Arc is Sexy, Erotic Suffering, Peaceful Revolution vs. Burning Buildings, Occupy Los Angeles, Organization Without Leaders, How Occupy LA Improves Your Sex Life, Serfs to the Corporation, Slaves on the Plantation, Cops Are Part of the 99%, He Shou Wu Means More Hair and More Jizz, Deer Antler Contains Testosterone, Occupiers and Frequent Fliers, Irish Moss the Lubricant, Avocado is an Aphrodisiac, Vagina Loves Coconut Oil, Erotic Intelligence, Reflex Points on Penis, Facebook is a Plantation and We’re all Sharecroppers, Sex at Dawn Next Week,  Sex Therapist & Coach Dr Patti Britton, Foot Soldiers of the Revolution, Kinsey Scale from Gay to Straight, Anus is Second Only to the Clitoris, Going for the Nipple, Why Men Tend to Speed Up & Women Slow Down, Broadening the Definition of Sex, Checking Twitter During Sex, Congratulations Sherry Rehman: New Ambassador from Pakistan to United States, Potential Eviction for Occupiers, Media Observers Are Welcome at Occupy Los Angeles to Ensure Safety, Before There Were Bank-Robbers & Now The Banks Are Robbers, Capitalism is Bankrupt, How Phone Sex or Roleplay Can Help Marriages, The Poor Can Take Care of Themselves but the Rich Should Beware, 10 Commandments of Pleasure on Kindle, An Occupation by People Without Occupations, Don’t Squirt on the Bonobos

Performance Erotica

Sipping Aphrodisiac Tea, Licking Vegan Aphrodisiac Chocolate Mousse Off Nipples, Long Licks Inside the Forearm, Erogenous Zones, Burlesque Demo, Flushed Cheeks and Erect Nipples from Aphrodisiacs, Index Finger Movement, Demonstration for Vaginas Without the Vagina, Real Men Wear Leather Pants–& Take Them Off, Sex Butter Handjob with Rubber Gloves, Touching Nipple at the Same Time as Cock, Pleasing a Semi-Hard Cock, Waking Up The Beast, Squeezing Pressure Points on the Cock, Deep Breathing Techniques, New Age Blowjob: Lightly Blowing on the Cock, Playing with Little Bits of Foreskin Remnants on Circumcised Cock, Patty-Caking the Cock on the Hand, The “Juicer” Cock Stroke, Masturbation Education, Bringing it Down, Burlesque-Porn-Star-Sex Coach-Strip-Tease, Teasing the Gloves off, Flashing the Crack to the Audience, Sequins Bra, Faulty Pasties Are the Show’s Best Friend, Agwa Shots, Elbow-gasms and Flicking the Tongue,  Licking Without Gloves, Salt Designs Near the Nipple, Chocolate War Paint on Tits, Powerful Tongue Muscles, Tasia Acting Like Naughty Schoolgirl, More Agwa at Recess, Trapeze After School, Hula Hoop Hotties in Detention, More Boobs in General



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