Tasia Sutor, Corpsy, Missy Martinez, Dr. Suzy & Prinzzess Felicity Jade. Photo: Nordov

Length: 97:24 minutes        Date: 11/12/2011

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The best laid plans may not get you laid the way you planned. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the sexual flow. This happens with some frequency on my show, often creating high levels of Commedia Erotica. This particular show, scheduled to focus on the imminent royal wedding of two princess brides of porn, does a thematic somersault when one fiancée bows out, having come down with a virulent sore throat from too much deep-throat (#pornstarproblem #69) just hours before air-time.  A ravishing noble woman cums forth from the Speakeasy court to stand–or make that lie down naked with her feet hooked behind her head–in the stead of the betrothed lady.  Then Death himself takes a seat at RadioSUZY1, and the result is over 90 drop-dead awesome minutes of erotic adventures with two of the most beautiful women in porn meeting and making love for the first time, sex-educational “pussy talk” and “asshole talk,” and a couple of opera-worthy orgasms, one of which is loud enough to turn our neighbors into fans.

Featured Guests

Prinzzess Felicity Jade: Her second time in the Womb Room, the extraordinarily pretty and sweetly bisexual Prinzzess bewitches us all over again.  And though the princess bride may be a maiden of monarchy, she’s also made up like a hot little maid whom any prince would want to dust his doorknob.  Sorry boys, but this svelte and sultry Cinderella is set to marry her true love, India Summer, another lady porn star.  But what with India nursing BJ-induced laryngitis, and with my other featured guest Missy Martinez having slept with India in the past, it seems only fitting that these two beauties have sex that’s hotter than a royal oven right in my bed, with the Prinzzess coming with the help of an adjustable Penthouse mini-vibe with a tail that tickles her imperial clit like a humming bird’s beak.

Missy Martinez : A virgin to RadioSuzy1, this Double-D doll captures Prinzzess’ erotic desire after confessing to having already had sex with the her royal highness’ MIA fiancée.  Though Missy has a lot to say about the importance of sexual freedom and how her man Chris Climax (smiling mysteriously in the studio audience) taught her to open up to anal, it isn’t long before the Prinzzess is stripping her down and licking her all around like a kid slurping up a yummy dessert.  When she requests the Hitachi for her grand finale, I’m delighted to hold the Magic Wand, under Miss M’s very precise directions, as she explodes into a 5-alarm orgasm.  Talk about pussy talk; this pussy is screaming.  Hallelujah!  Praise the ladies.

Corpsy: Our favorite wisecracking cadaver, deaditor-in-chief of Girls and Corpses Magazine once again reanimates back to sex-life on RadioSuzy1, this time as corpse jester to the royal sex party. He brings two little wraiths, Dead Gilbert Golfrey and the Ghost of Death that seem to love rubbing their wings against beautiful naked women. While the presence of demon dolls may conjure technical difficulties on-set, they also prove that an imp can be a pimp.  Fortunately, this show is filled with examples of the little death, not the big one.

Callers & Tweeters:

Dark Angel says I look amazing and Prinzzess looks incredible. We all remind him that Missy looks pretty damned stunning too, and he hurriedly agrees.

Panty Boy asks about Prinzzess’ first webcam show. Answer: She had sex with a fucking machine. Of course, Panty Boy also wants everybody’s panties. Who doesn’t?

Brad wants to know if Tasia likes listening to him masturbate. She probably would if she could actually hear him.

HighwayMan expresses his gratitude for being able to witness the lovely Prinzzess and Missy orgasm.

Thanks to Justine Middle for editorial assistance with this bloggamy.

Weapons of Mass Discussion

Rickety Starts are the Harbinger of a Fantastic Show, Princes & Princesses, Brides Marrying Brides, How Deep Throat Leads to Sore Throats, Getting Married in The Womb Room, Boosting the Lesbian Marriage Industry, Holy Water, Ejaculation Without Orgasm, Squirting’s Not For Everybody, Sex Week at Yale is Now Sex Week on the Yale Campus, Feminists to Strippers to Fetishists Corrupting Students, Focus on the Family, Believing in Sex Education and Sexual Literacy, Sexual Harassment on College Campuses, First Time Sexual Experiences, Freshly Sprouted Boobs in the Shower, Miss Shockfest, Collegiate Sex Education, Occupy Penn State, Open Relations, Walking Naked down the Aisle, Taking Marriage Vows on the Dr. Susan Block Show, Fucking Machinea, Take a Shot of Chloroform and Waking up After a Great Show, Niacin Heat Makes you Take your Shirt Off & Masturbate,  Walking, Texting, Tripping & Skinning Your Knees, Festering Wound Fetish, Pussy Talk, Why Pussies Should Talk more Often, This is for you India Summer, Shitomax, Bonobos, Getting Aroused Watching Animals Having Sex

Performance Erotica

Technical Difficulties in the Beginning Mean the Show Will Be Awesome, Betty Page Stockings from Secrets in Lace, Feeling the DD’s, Penthouse Shots, Agwa Boobie Shots, Nipple Licking, Wearing Two Pairs of Panties, Pretty Titties Rubbing Together, Beautiful Naked Babes in Bed, Feather Dusting Extra Salt from the Titty,  Spit On The Pussy, Taking Panties off With the Teeth, Doggy Style, Sniffing Panties, Taking Torn Stockings Off With Teeth, Pretty Princess Feet with Pink Toes, Seeing Pussy through Panties, Putting Legs Behind Head Like a Crab, Pussy Talk, Licking Agwa Salt Up Off of Outer Pussy Lips, Salt on a Perfectly Clean Pussy, Shutting Corpsy up with Pussy Talk, Clit Spanking, Pussy Puppets Giving Birth to Bonobos, Corpsy Drinking Penthouse Shots, Kissing a Princess, Three-way Kissing, Princess Pussy, Licking Salt in the Womb Room, Licking Clean Asshole, Nice Soft Wet Warm Tongue, Showing the Snow Angels of Death some Ass, Puppetry of the Pussy, Cunnilingus, Analingus, Biting the Beautiful Princess Ass, Warm Tongue Going in Circles and Down Toward Pussy, Tastes Like Sweet Skin, Soft Vibrator, Pretty Foot Behind the Neck, Cancer Cells Getting a Hard-on, Rubbing Finger around the Butthole while Pinching the Clit, Sexual Manipulation Worthy of a Princess, Princess Orgasm, Pussy Getting Pinker and Juicier, Eying the Hitachi Wand, Assuming the Position, Beautiful Pointed Foot Fetish Toes, People Making out by the Door, Naked Trapeze, Flying Mini Corpse Play, Loud Screaming  Hitachi Orgasm, Orgasm Theater at the Speakeasy.


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