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  1. James Noack
    10 · 9 · 06 @ 3:20 am

    I am glad to see this being done, shown and supported, it is a sad state of affairs, our government and commercial ventures so callous for a few (or many) Dollar$ and no regard for the lives of our troops and civilian support workers, any lives in harm’s way … your strong stand, and support is appreciated!I would like to be there, if I can … my friend has been ill and it is her birthday so I will see how it goes, I wish all well and good will if I can not make it.On a similar note I am very angry about the bill the wimpy-congress pressed by “Bush” to be pushed through a spineless congress to allow any of us to be arrested and held without charges and tortured at will, we, our troops and citizens traveling as reaction not just “the enemy” WE are much “less” safe now “Damm”


  2. More on Our Immorality
    10 · 8 · 06 @ 6:07 pm

    Here is a copy of an e-mail I just sent to a buddy of mine, Tex Harris, of the FSOA.Life in the Emerald City is a good book. The best story in it is in the back of the book–clearly the best story in it, and the fact that nobody in the print trades has told it yet shows yet again that book reviewers don’t read the books they review. either that, or they are just as uselessly kissass as their news reporter colleagues. Story is that inside the Green Zone there were no animals to be found, unlike the rest of Baghdad. Not exactly the case, but anyway workers there started to find stray kittens and started to adopt them. Folks would take food from the cafeteria and feed them, tame them out, make them pets. Word from Halliburton was that this was verboten, as the cats carried germs and disease. (???) Halliburton instructed the Marine guards to shoot the kittens on sight. (!!!!!?!) Word of this order got out, and folks started taking the cats home to their (Halliburton-provided) trailers as pets, keeping them out of the sight of the Marines and their M-16’s. Halliburton management wasn’t going to put up with that, so they instructed the Phillippino hired staff to go into the trailers while the folks were at work, capture the cats and kittens, and kill them. And leave a note in the trailer, telling them that their cat had been killed and reminding them of how pets are prohibited. One woman who was two days from leaving came home to find such a note–after she’d made all the arrangements to ship the cat home with her, had spent fair bucks on getting the cat vaccinated, all that. She stood outside her trailer, screaming and crying how she hated all those people.Makes two of us.Best–Dan White


  3. William Patrick Haines
    10 · 7 · 06 @ 9:35 am

    Well, you have demonstrated you have more morality than the Moral Majority and the televangelists on a lot off issues. You screened the documentary on Walmart, and then there’s your latest screening Iraq for sale. When is the last time you heard a televangelist speak about the rights of workers and consumers? Too much money is being made for the corporate media to object too strongly to Iraq.


  4. ~J.J.~
    10 · 7 · 06 @ 4:40 am

    I’m looking forward to seeing you next Saturday night for the movie screening. Hugz, ~J.J.~


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