With Malin Gramer, Tera Patrick, Corpsy, Joslyn James, Kim Foley, Katie Kinns. Photo: Mad Passion

Length: 93:31 minutes        Date: 08/06/2011

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Sex, death, Tiger Woods, epic boobs, rock stars, porn stars and fake cadavers!  It’s another wild, sexy and pseudo-scary Girls and Corpses episode on The Dr. Susan Block Show

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Featured Guests

Tera Patrick: Current Girls and Corpses cover girl, this gorgeous adult superstar-turned-horror-star makes her second appearance on RadioSUZY1 in eleven years.  So good to see Tera again, and she looks stronger yet more exquisite than ever, even just after getting off a plane.  Since winding up her prolific porn career (except for updates to her own site), Tera has recently switched her preferred form of cinematic expression to horror, satisfying an obsession for serial killers tracing back to her childhood. In her new non-porn horror flick, The Moaning of the Virgin Ghost, Tera plays a girl who is gang-raped and killed, then commits a series of vengeful murders when she is resurrected in zombie form. Tera’s #1 turn on is her current boyfriend with whom she shares an uninhibited relationship fully charged with an unprecedented amount of off-camera anal.  Recently, she autographed a baby at the request of her parents who had conceived her while watching Tera Patrick’s porn. When it’s Agwa salt-licking time, Tera bares her sumptuous breasts (34DD , though who’s counting?) for the eager tongues of Sasha Sweet on her right and Katie Kinns on her left. I just have to give the Tera Tatas a few licks and sucks in the after-life party, making every male—and quite a few females–in the audience wishing they could revert back to breastfeeding.

Joslyn James: Featured on the cover of the last Girls and Corpses issue with her arms around “Tiger Wormwood,” porn star Joslyn is an avid sexter, “oral genius,” “nipple sucking professional,” and happy divorcee. Joslyn putts her way into the Womb Room for the first time on the show. As one of the more prominent former mistresses of Tiger Woods, we can only imagine the varieties of stroke play, interlocking grips, hole-in-ones, bump and runs and out-to-in blows that took place during this clandestine exchange before the final penalty stroke. Nevertheless, despite a prolonged period of ball-in-play, Joslyn feels remorse and apologetic towards the former, understandably teed off Mrs. Woods. Sharing juicy—albeit parsimonious—bits of her infamous affair with Tiger’s Wood, she also tells stories of woe and wow from infidelity in her own marriage as well as a comprehensive list of how she likes to be handled in the bedroom (hint: much of Tiger’s sexting about choking and slapping was her preference but do NOT cum in her eye!). Later, right before a nutritious helping of Sasha Sweet’s all-natural tits, Joslyn lies back on the show bed, strips down and spreads wide her lovely legs to show off just where Tiger scored so many of his holes-in-one.  Then she receives a live molding of her pussy, aka her “cookie,” administered by plaster body caster James Spinner.

Corpsy: Back from the dead again on The Dr. Susan Block Show with more ‘vigor mortis’ than ever,  Robert “Corpsy” Rhine celebrates the publication of the summer issue of Girls and Corpses featuring oceanic creatures of gross morbidity juxtaposed with gorgeous girls in bikinis, plus an in-depth interview on sex, death and squirting with your favorite “Squirtologist.”  Corpsy will be holding a public signing at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd next week with Dr. Suzy, Tera, Joslyn plus more hot girls and fake corpses.  Admission is free and open to all, but if you’d like to go to the party in style in Dr. Suzy’s Private Motorcoach, call 213.670.0066.

Kim Fowley: This is the first appearance on The Dr. Susan Block Show —wielding a multifunctional cane dildo and sporting KISS make-up—for this iconic music producer (most notable for managing The Runaways), songwriter, musician and radio host.  His career, however, during the early days of high school was as a “sex worker” catering to the carnal needs of otherwise shunned victims of severe burns (he isn’t clear as how he got this “job” or who derived more pleasure out of it). Sitting next to Sasha Sweet, Kim makes unapologetic attempts at being grotesque with the 21-year-old porn star, claiming that her “ass has potential.” At the show’s climax, he cleverly slips his putter-tongue into Tiger Woods’ favorite hole-in-one.

Sasha Sweet: Appearing on the show for the fourth time, Sasha looks sweeter than a sundae in a tight strapless dress, underneath which lie lovely leopard thong panties, worn especially for Panty Boy–because he “leaves sweet things on my Twitter”—since this show also celebrates his one year anniversary of tweeting The Dr. Susan Block Show. Having recently started working as a dominatrix, Sasha regales us with tales of butt-whacking and pump-humping.

Marlin Gramer: Having interviewed me and Pr. Max earlier in the day as part of Swedish Kanal 5’s  documentary series on “Sex in America,” I turn the tables by having Marlin, the anchor, as a guest on my show.  Marlin affirms the steamy stereotype of all Swedes as hot, kinky and very “curious yellow,” despite those infamous ‘surprise sex’ accusations against Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.  In a brief soap operatic dialogue with Joslyn, Marlin convincingly plays the part of the cheated-on ex-wife of Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegrun, who happens to come from the same district of Sweden as she does.

James Spinner:  A preeminent body caster, James immortalizes the vulvas of porn stars—including Joslyn James during the live broadcast–and now a sexologist: moi! Shortly before the show, he molded me; coming soon to Shopping Heaven: Dr. Susan Block’s own vulva soap and candles!

Katie Kinns: Agwa expert and RadioSUZY1 regular Katie gets in a few licks on Tera’s bountiful boobs and Joslyn’s hot ass, and at Tiger’s expense.

Sinister Mass: “Ready to cum on the face of the world,” Kim Fowley’s latest musical discovery, the hot young men of Sinister Mass really rock out the Speakeasy, topless, in the post show Afterlife Party.

Caller 1: Robert from Kansas is ecstatic to tell Tera that she is his favorite porn superstar to whom he masturbates with great frequency and a devotion bordering on love.

Weapons of Mass Discussion

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Performance Erotica

Girls and Corpses, Vaginal Plaster Casting, Wide Open Beaver, Joslyn James’ Hole in One, Molding Joslyn James’ Vulva, Swedish TV Channel 5, Bush Popping Out Of Sasha Sweet Leopard Thong Panties, Multiple People Licking Agwa Salt Multiple Times from Tera Patrick’s Epic Boobs, Choking, Licking Sasha Boobs, Swedish Dirty Talk Lessons, Agwa Salt Licking off Joslyn James’ Ass, Surprise Cunnilingus Rear Entry, Rocking Out, Making Out and Heavy Petting with Sinister Mass in the Afterlife Party, Going Wild In My  Private Motorcoach (for information call 213.670.0066).


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