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Eros Day Housewarming Orgy!

Yale Sex Week, HBO’s Cathouse, And Our Winner Is…


In Defense of The G-Spot: Yes, Virginia, It Does Exist!


Inside Both Heads of the Crotch Bomber

Sexy Mayhem @ The Exotic Erotic Ball

Tiger’s Wood: Love Cablinasian Style

Movers & Shaking LA

From TV Academy to B&D Academy & Up to The Speakeasy with Nina Hartley, Victoria Woodhull Friends & Free Lovers

Did Annie Le Meet Rat Man at Yale?

Sex Pot, Sex Toys & Hot Haute Hats

Travels with Max: Into the Heartland + Rubber Necro & Mormon Hedonism…

Sex, Death & Michael Jackson

Star-Spangled Fire & Hot Holy Waters

EroticaLA, Klown Diva, Green Revolution!

Naked Desert Storm

Shock & Awe at Speakeasy BDSM Gala!

Bondage Gala Coming Up!

The Too-Too Sexy Hats I Love

Natasha Skinski & The Anal Serenade

Kosher Sex in City Hall

Merry Masturbation Month 2009!

17th Wedding Anniversary!

Speakeasy Seder

Fatty D Devours RadioSuzy1

Sex Addiction: The Deadliest Sin

Springing Max

Purim Coming, Yale Drinking, Max Going Free!

Nightline ABC Visits The Speakeasy, Valentine’s Wishes & Freeing Max!

Wildest Inaugural BALL of All: Eros Day

Eros Day X: Orgy for Obama & Free Max

Spanksgiving to Obaminaugural

Melo Tricks or Tweets!

Sarah Palin, Venus in Furs: Drilling & Killing Vs Peace through Pleasure + Playboy, Emmys, Art!

Paint The Town Bonobo Red

UU Church Murders, Monkey Rockers, Italian Pleasures, Hookers & Hope

Summer Fires, Happy Hookers and Corporate Phone Sex Therapy

Orgasmic Freedom Friday

Fighting Evil, Promulgating Pleasure, Birthday Spankings, Integration thru Sex, Obama & Moore

Gay Marriage Goes Legit in Cali

Washington Witch Hanging

Merry Masturbation Month :-)


Alien Sex Secrets, Raelian Encounters and Sweet 16 Years of Marital Love and Pleasure Sex

Hooker, Hemp & Taschen

Porn ‘n’ Purim Bacchanal ’08 Plays Tonite on RadioSuzy1TV

Esther & The Art of Seduction

My Advice for Eliot Spitzer & Speakeasy News

YALE/NYC TOUR Part III: Education, Celebration and Controversy at SEX WEEK at YALE 2008


YALE/NYC TOUR Part I: Cinekink on Ice

Valentine/Lupercalia Tour: Sex Week at Yale and Funk Me’s NY Premiere!

Eros Day Ecstasy on The Cross



Deck the Halls with Dommes & Hollie!

Holiday Sperm Wars


This is as far back as we’ve migrated so far but we’re constantly updating….

Scary Sex: A Halloween Poem



Film Fest Picks BIFM, Gay Old Party Outs Itself

Bonobo Blue Values

Sex, Politics and Funk Me, Baby!


Bonobos in The New Yorker, Speakeasy in the Mist

Summer Shows and Parties, Faeries and Bonobos, DC Madams and Neo-Con Johns

State of The Female Ejaculation Nation

Birthdays and Rebirthdays, Spankings and Orgasms, The Happy Hookah and The Bonobo Way

Lust et Veritas: Yale, WE tv, Piacere and B-Day Boola-la in the Castles of My Life

I Am My Mom’s Kid – Dr. Laura’s Little Monster

JACK N JILL-OFF JAM Online Tonite!

Dick’s Dick in DC Madam’s Pie, Me in LAW, Upcoming Jack n Jill Jam, Great Radio and a Double-Dong Delight!

Strangelove Hookergate II

Sex and Violence VS. Sex and Violins

Sex, Death, Clips and Shows


Coming March 24: Spring Fever Bacchanalia at the Speakeasy!

NEW BackStage Pix, Clips, More Live Radio and Happy Purim!

LA Weekly People and RadioSuzy1 Bonobos

SWING SHOOT Plays Tonite on RadioSuzy1TV!

Valentine Chemistry of Love

Make Valentines, Not War…Plamegate…Tears for Saint Anna Nicole…And Hooray for Lt. Ehren Watada: American Hero and Hottie!

Feb. 17: Go Behind-the-Scenes at an Erotic Art Photo Shoot

The Tao of Counterpunch


Resist Thanato! Celebrate Eros!

Eros Approaches

Baghdad Cockfight Climaxes in Saddam Snuff Film

Golden Streams

Eros Day is Coming…1/20/07!

SQUIRT in the NEW YEAR with Chateau d’Annie and Anal Ejaculation!

Global Orgasms for Peace, Ha-Nookie and Rickshaw Ecology

Holiday ORGASM OPERETTA Now Online!

Holiday of Pleasure This Saturday!

Crush, Squish, Trampling and Queening

Hookers and Me on Spike TV

New: SHAYNA SQUIRTS with The Braun Method

Blonde Islands of Pleasure in a Sea of War

I’m Dreaming of a Wet Christmas…

SeX-PLaY with Christy Canyon, Etc. Backstage

Extreme Fetish: A New Kick!

FEMME TS DOMME: Girly-Men and Tomboy Girls

Born Again Squirting Spanksgiving

Back in the Sack this Saturday!

New Asscraft Photos Backstage

Intercourse Orgasms, Post-Election Erections and Holiday Shopping for Democrats and Republicans

U.S. Voters Say Bush Sucks!

The Beastly Blogging

Yale’s Whim ‘n Rhythm at Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy

Pagan Holiday Season Shows, Parties and Pleasure Sex Salons

FEET: A Bloggamy on Podophilic Sexuality

Bonobos and Missionaries in the Squirting Pussy Rainforest Pics Now Online!

Iraq 4 Sale @ the Speakeasy

The Spent Milk of Human Foley

IRAQ 4 SALE Coming to Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy

Frighteningly HOT SEX for the Halloween Season

Raw Sin, Free Hugs

A Sex Piano Saved

1926 Steinway Baby Grand Piano Now On Sale!

Zorthian Secret to Long Life: Fine Art, Red Wine, Nude Models

Houston, We Have Orgasm

Thoughts on 9/11: Beyond Terror

Speakeasy Scenes: Living Life on Camera

Bush Hate Rising

Garden of Chest Hair

Sky High Rent, Low Class Greed

LAPD Lawsuite Update: Judge Manuel Real Faced With Impeachment


Introducing Raw Editions: Max’s B-Day Show

Blood Red Sonata

Bush’s Fecal World

Primal Tears: Can a Bonobo Girl Save the World?

Blowjobs and Convalescence


Vern Bullough, R.I.P.

R.I.P Scott Weems

Happy 4th of July!

Back to Life!

UPDATE: Dr. Susan Block ‘s Emergency Surgery

Dear Bonobos, Guests, Friends, and Fans

God Has Sex, Makes Big Box Office in Da Vinci Code

DOMMES and HOLLIE Photos Now Backstage

Journalists, Atheists and the Human-Chimp Love Connection

Double-Annie Squirting Anniversary Photos Now Backstage

Yale’s Whim ‘n Rhythm Coming Soon to Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy!

Dabney Zorthian R.I. P.


Virginity Pledge Leads to Unsafe Sex

Masturbation Month Special: Hitachi Magic Wand & Free DVDs

Pyrophiliac B-Day Spanking Gangbang

Hotel Rwanda, Hotel Bonobo

Happy Masturbation Month!

Sex Week at Yale ’06: SWAY with Me

IRAQ FOR SALE is For Sale!

Lydia’s Pics from My B-Day Bacchanal ’05 Now Backstage

Double-Annie Squirting Anniversary

Speakeasy Seder

Miriam: Another Passover Story

Annie Cruz, Jack Lawrence and More Coming to this Saturday’s Show!

New Photos BACKSTAGE from XXXmas Saturnalia


WOMEN in PORN Dissertation

Springtime for SEX and GOD

The Hammer Can’t Get Hard Anymore

Body Paint for Peace!

Murder in Baghdad in LA

Bigamy, Bloggamy or Good Old American Swing

Latino Power, Sex Magick and Squirting Mamacita Lydia

Springtime for 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Charlie Sheen, Lasse Braun and Weimar Love

Gorgeous SPRING SHOWERS and PURIM Pics for Your Viewing Pleasure

How Much Longer is America Going to Suck Bush’s Dick?

Happy 3rd Birthday, Bush’s War

The Bonobo Way vs. The Walrus Way

Bushites Aim for Civil War in Iraq and Hollywood Theatened by Patriot Act

Queen Esther Commedia Erotica

Pleasure at Caltech and Fetish at CGI

Women Under Attack in America

Get Ready for Our Erotic Purim Masquerade and the Story of Esther

Meet the Muslim Madonna

Don’t Censor the Cartoons – Stop the Killing

Get Ready for Sex Week at Yale and Valentine’s Day at UCLA

Liberating Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Old Friends, Blood and Intimacy at our Betty Dodson Salon

Dr. Betty Dodson, My First Orgasm, Cindy Sheehan and the Mohammed Cartoons

Wal-Mart Screening with Director Robert Greenwald, Kim’s Birthday Bash, Fun Hate Mail and Betty Dodson Coming…

CP Posts “Divorce” and I Appreciate Your Concerns

Alito, Wal-Mart, Greed and Lust

AIN Gives Eros Day 2006 Rave Reviews

Eros Day Circus of Sex

Eros is Coming…

America Wants A Divorce!

The More TV, The Less Sex

Story of Eros and Psyche

Zhirinovsky Recommends Military Gang Rape of Condoleeza Rice as Solution to US-Russia Diplomacy Problems

Pre-Eros Day Pow-Wow

Garden of Deceit: Peeping Bushes and Planting WMDs

Eros Day Counter-Inaugural BALL

Astroglide or Crisco: Holy Oil on the Senate Seats

Eros-Zine Loves Squirt and Weimar

Eros Day Wedding Orgy

The Song of Songs of Solomon

Ariel and Abramoff Go Down

Bush Condoms

Art of the Tease

Bedtime with Diane de Poitiers

Abramoff and DeLay Family Values

Want To Play Eros on Eros Day?

New Paper on Relationship Between Pleasure and Violence

Counterpunch Names Bloggamy Website of the Weekend

Surprise New Year’s Orgy

My New Year’s Gift to You: The 10 Commandments of Pleasure

Peeping Tom in the Bush

Lying About Spying ~ The NY Times Heart Bush

Age of Consent – Debate on KGO Tonite

Thanks for the Bloggamies…

Little Love Note

Scheer Truth

Make a Comment ~ Get a Free Backstage Pass!

Happy Ha-nookie!

Oh Jesus!

Pagan Heart

Merry XXXmas!

In the Beginning

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