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Dr. Susan Block's Journal - Newsletter of The Dr. Susan Block Institute
Dr. Suzy explains Valentine’s Day in Elephant Journal & celebrates Lupercalia in Bonoboville this Saturday. RSVP: Call 310-568-0066. Plus check out the awesome new Valentine Show Blog/Travelogue from the Cupcake Theater to Venice Beach. Troubled times with your Valentine? You can talk privately with the Therapists Without BordersCall us anytime: 213.291.9497.

RSVP onlineby phone at 310.568.0066, or just tune in live this Saturday 10:30 PM PST.
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Not much for Valentine‘s Day? Ready to whip it up for Lupercalia? Role-play your Lupercalian fantasies or get help with serious sexual issues via telephone sex therapy. Our Therapists Without Borders are available 24/7 to listen, advise and talk with you about anything you can’t talk about with anyone else. Call us anytime for webcam, phone or sext therapy: 213.291.9497. Have you met our new therapist Lilly?


Dr. Block’s Journal

Dr. Suzy takes Bonoboville on the road for The Golden Age of Adult Cinema.” Missed a live show? Watch it all UNCENSORED on DrSuzy.Tv. Wondering what Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day are really all about? WATCH Dr. Suzy explain it all or READ: Hallmark Got It Wrong: Valentine’s Day is really Lupercalia, in the Elephant Journal.

Mayor Ron Jeremy and Bonoboville Valentine's Eve Dinner at the Waterfront Cafe in Venice Beach. selife

Bonoboville Mayor Ron Jeremy at Valentine’s Eve Dinner at the Waterfront Cafe in Venice Beach. #Selfie

DrSuzy.TV Archives

Don’t just skim DrSuzy.Tv and chill with a two-day pass, go for the full month membership and explore it all. TRENDING: Valentine Lupercalia Rising ♥Get closer to the action and RSVP: 310.568.0066.


Block Books

Valentine’s Day is over, but you can still learn how to #GoBonobos when you order Dr. Suzy‘s acclaimed book The Bonobo Way— with over 35 hearty five-star reviews!  Great for lover(s), friends-with-benefits, and porn stars. Shop for more Block Books online, including Million Dollar Legs by Porsche Lynn, just interviewed by Dr. Suzy at the Golden Age of Adult Cinema.

Getting in an oral mood with fabulous Adult Entertainment Icon Porsche Lynn and Cupcake Theater manager at Opening Night for The Golden Age of Adult Cinema. Photo: Jux Lii

Getting in an oral mood with  Adult Entertainment Icon Porsche Lynn and Cupcake Theater manager Nick Stevens at Opening Night for The Golden Age of Adult Cinema. Dr. Suzy’s tank top by Christopher Lee Designs. Photo: Jux Lii



NEW RELEASE: Lupercalian Topless Flogging! An erotic Lupercalian delight featuring Tammie Parrott


Time Machine

Ready for Lupercalia 2017? Take a peak at Lupercalia 2016  #GoBonobos!


The Bonobo Way

#GoBonobos and give The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure, to someone you love, even if that someone is you. Did you know that every book sold gives the bonobos a chance to live and love one another–and teach us to do it too–because a portion of all proceeds goes towards saving this amazing and highly endangered species from extinction {8(:|). Make everyday World Bonobo Day.


Featured Member: Catherine ImperioMeet this punk rock renaissance woman inside of Bonoboville. Want more fun? Check out the events, classifieds and groups.

The Marketplace of Possibilities

Dr. Suzy’s Marketplace of Possibilities makes any day more pleasurable. Don’t you want to #UnlockthePossibilities?


Pre-Valentine Sex Selfie at the Air Venice Hotel

Pre-Valentine Sex Selfie at the Air Venice Hotel

Join Us for L
upercalia: The Original Valentine’s Day

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