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Dr. Susan Block's Journal - Newsletter of The Dr. Susan Block Institute
Miss Dr. Suzy‘s Birthday Xtravaganza? Watch it now on DrSuzy.Tv. Join us this Saturday, June 17th for Trump Parody & FemDom Power + Ms. Liz‘s Bday! Come to the Garden of Bonoboville, release your inner bonobo and RSVP: Call 310-568-0066. The New York Post explores sploshing with international fetish expert Dr. Susan Block. Want to have a  Sploshgasm? The Dr. Susan Block Institute’Therapists Without Borders are available 24/7 to help you explore sploshing, swinging, cuckolding, LGBTQ Pride or anything else, anytime. Call 213.291.9497. dsb

RSVP online, by phone at 310.568.0066, or just tune in live this Saturday 10:30 PM PST.
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The Dr. Susan Block Institute

Need more than a Bday Spanking, want to explore the oral end of splosh or are you worried about your summer bod? Call the Dr. Susan Block Institute for telephonewebcam or sext therapy anytime, and let’s talk about it: 213.291.9497. Totally private and absolutely confidential. And yes, of course, you can masturbate, if you want, during sessions. And no, there is no phone therapy or phone sex service quite like this one. Meet our therapist: Danielle.


Dr. Block’s Journal

A sensational bonoboësque Bday that was more fun than a barrel of bananas. Sploshing, blowjobs, singing, splits, sybian rides,and more. You have to see it to believe it: Dr. Suzy’s Birthday Bacchanal 2017. Now playing on DrSuzy.Tv.  Coming up: Adventures at Yale!

Birthday Party 2017. Photo: Eric Golowski

DrSuzy.TV Archives

Beat the Summer heat with DrSuzy.Tv and dive head-first into a cool pool of uncensored pleasure with a two-day pass or see it all with a full month subscription. TRENDING: Daniele Watts and Madame Margherite in Splosh n’ Art.


Block Books

Dr. Block’s Bonobo Way, now with over 40 5-star reviews on Amazon and illustrious endorsements, is a female empowering must-read for sploshers, bacchanalians, models, journalists, sapiosexuals and pro-bonobo ecosexuals too. New to Block BooksThe Secret History of Wonder Woman. This week, the New York Post asks Dr. Block, “Is sploshing the messiest sex trend on the internet?

A Pleasure-Popping Birthday in Bonoboville. Photo: RiqueMB

A Pleasure-Popping Birthday in Bonoboville. Photo: RiqueMB



New to Clip-O-Rama‘s “Ladies that Blow“: Watch the Penthouse pleasure unfold in The Fine Art of Fellatio with Layla Sin.


Time Machine

Before the womb room was covered by Splosh ‘n’ Art, there was Pie-Sexuality in Bonoboville. Bonobos enjoy erotic food play. What about you?


The Bonobo Way

For Pride Month, a birthday or any day, give The Bonobo Way. Did you know that a portion of all Bonobo Way book sales are donated to the conservation of the real-life, highly endangered female-empowered bonobos? Help save the peace through pleasure great apes from extinction#GoBonobos {8(:|) Whether you splosh, blow or swing, you can be Proud to be Gay – The Bonobo Way.



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The Marketplace of Possibilities is the place to #UnlockthePossibilities and let your pride flag fly!


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Bonoboville goes bananas! Photo: Jux Lii

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