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Dr. Susan Block's Journal - Newsletter of The Dr. Susan Block Institute
Tune in this Saturday to DrSuzy.Tv as we whip it up for Lupercalia, bringing you a galaxy of kink featuring your hostess Dr. Susan Block‘s notorious telling of the Original V-Day, starring Rhiannon Aarons as the Luper, Mistress Porcelain, Mistress Jennifer, Elena Rayn, Chef Be*Live, Daniele Watts, Christine Dupree, Bratty Wolfie, sexy assistants Phoenix Dawn and Mia Amore and more broadcasting LiVE from Bonoboville in the Womb RoomRSVP to join us in-studio and under the twinkling palms for this exciting evening: Call 310-568-0066, or just watch LiVE this Saturday night 10:30pm PST on DrSuzy.Tv.

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The Dr. Susan Block Institute

If your Valentine’s Day wasn’t total heart-shaped perfection (who’s is?), whip it up for Lupercalia, the original Valentine’s Day. It might be better to have your butt beaten on Lupercalia than your heart broken on V-Day. If you can’t join us for Lupercalia 2018 in-person this Saturday, call the Dr. Susan Block Institute at 213-291-9497 anytime; we’re here to whip, flog or spank your heart-shaped bottom or indulge in whatever kinks or taboos you desire. Treat yourself, your significant other or kinkster lover to a special post-Valentine or Lupercalia Phone Sex Therapy session and experience the joys of impact roleplay or a fantasy Lupercalian orgy. Maybe you’ll want to explore a little tease and denial from your lover while a stranger listens in. Or perhaps you’d like to be tied up and forced to confess your secrets to a therapist. Have a super sapiosexual conversation, totally private and confidential, discovering peace through pleasure with the help of the expert knowledge, deep perception and nonjudgmental understanding of revolutionary sexologist Dr. Susan Block or one of our other excellent Therapists Without Borders. Sick of the sugar-coated materialism of Valentine’s Day? Celebrate the original V-Day: LUPERCALIA! Call us for a phone flogging, or just WATCH (free): LUPERCALIA: The Original Valentines Day with Dr. Susan Block from the archives of the Dr. Susan Block’ Show.



Dr. Block’s Journal

We celebrate the sexy, edgy fun of V-Day in the #MeToo Trumpocalypse with kinky clowns and latex femdoms on the Dr. Susan Block Show. We hadn’t seen our friends, the talented Michael Vegas or the sensational Siouxsie Q. James in a while. Lucky for us they returned to the Womb Room with a bevy of kinky clown-y Valentines, including statuesque blood-lust babe Mistress Bella Bathory, fabulous Queerella Fist-a-lot and the giggly orgasming Sybian lover Candy Cadaver. Joining the parade is slinky Mistress Mina and her sweet lover, ALT 98.7 FM radio host Jake Dill. Read more about our honking good time on Dr. Suzy’s sensational, sapiosexual show blog.

Valentines, Clowns, Couples, Trouples and Quadruples in the #MeToo Trumpocalypse. Photo: Jux Lii

Valentines, Clowns, Couples, Trouples and Quadruples in the #MeToo Trumpocalypse. Photo: Jux Lii

DrSuzy.TV Archives

Catch all the shows featuring flogging, spanking, whipping and any other impact play with a two-day pass or a full-month membership to DrSuzy.Tv. NOW TRENDING: Musical Spanking Hot Anti-TrumpaversaryCatch the electric nude performance of Elena Rayn before her return to the Womb Room.


Block Books

Get it for your Lupercalian Valentine (or anytime): Dr. Susan Block’s critically acclaimed book, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace Through Pleasure, has captivated authors, ambassadors, sexologists, porn stars and over 40 5-star reviews on Amazon with its paradigm-shifting message of peace-through-pleasure, female-empowerment, inclusivity, ecosexuality and sexual liberationNEW on BlockBooks:  Janet W. Hardy’s Spanking for Lovers.



Celebrate Lupercalia! Watch the red-bottomed Clip of the Week: Spank You Very Much with the lovely Gypsy Bonobo and King Noir.


Time Machine

Whip, spank and swing that heart-shaped ass back around to 2014’s Lupercalia celebration with Goddess Soma Snakeoil, Miss Antionette, Fat Mike of NoFx & Matty Boi! Then check out a galaxy of kinksters in Lupercalia 2017.


The Bonobo Way

Give the Gift of Love from the Love Apes, The Bonobo Way for Valentine’s Day, Lupercalia, Unpresidented PresiDunce Day or any day, to spread “Peace on Earth ~ Pleasure for All.”  The “Make Love Not War,” female-empowered and highly endangered bonobos are the real-life inspiration for The Bonobo Way, and a portion of all Bonobo Way book sales are donated to bonobo conservation, so when you order your copy of this life-changing book, you are also helping to save these marvelous creatures from extinction {8(:|).


Featured Post: NOW BOOKING Guests for the LIVE broadcast of The Dr. Susan Block Show! Explore the Bonoboville City Limits and build your village using our Classifieds, Events, FAQ page, Forums, Groups, Obituaries & much more!

The Marketplace of Possibilities

Don’t Just Wear Jewelry. WEAR ART. Give the gift of this beautiful, handcrafted Vulva Pendant to someone you love, even if that someone is you. A very elegant, fashion-forward Lupercalia or Valentine’s Day gift, along with The Bonobo Way.


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