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Dr. Susan Block's Journal - Newsletter of The Dr. Susan Block Institute


Tune in this Saturday for “dirty pop” deluxe as Dr. Susan Block welcomes porn starlets and a pop-icon impersonator to the Womb Room, including “Hottest Porn Starlet” 2017 SUZY award winner Lexi Mansfield, aka “Lexi Girl, brand new guests Amputee Britney and Eve Ellwood, as well as Prince & MJ impersonator Omar “Prince of Pop”RSVP to join us in-studio: Call 310-568-0066, or just watch us LiVE on DrSuzy.Tv.

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The Dr. Susan Block Institute

Already failed your New Year’s Resolution? Need some personalized motivation? Call the Dr. Susan Block Institute; whether you need life coaching, relationship counseling, erotic hypnosis or domination therapy to get you back on track, we’re here for you. Does last Saturday’s D.A.D. show make you want to cower for a golden shower? Perhaps you need a pair of boots to walk all over your behind. Is your body craving man to man action, or bi-curious satisfaction? From crossdressers to cuckolds and everybody in between, you can find peace through pleasure with the expert knowledge and nonjudgmental understanding of revolutionary sexologist Dr. Susan Block and our Therapists Without Borders. Call 213-291-9497  anytime. Totally private and absolutely confidential, whether you’re interested in fetish phone sex therapy or porn star roleplay, we have someone for everyone. Bisexuality doesn’t mean infidelity. WATCH: “Bi-Sexual Monogamy with Alex and Mark” from the SEX CALLS archives of The Dr. Susan Block Show.


Dr. Block’s Journal

This comic, erotic and very femocratic Dr. Susan Block Show opens 2018 with a bang, a spank, a gilded stream and a one-week sentence to Facebook Jail (even before there’s any action, which we never show on Facebook anyway). Dommes against Donald Trump (D.A.D) put out the Fire and Fury with impressive thundershowers of golden rain all over our Trump surrogate. Check out the story (and amazing photos!) of this very wet night, featuring Mistress Tara Indiana, Goddess Soma Snakeoil and more on Dr. Suzy’s sensational, sapiosexual show blog.

Firefighters for America: “Dominatrixes Against Donald Trump” put out the “Fire and Fury” of the Gilded Trumpanzee. Photo: Jux Lii

DrSuzy.TV Archives

Catch all the shows featuring SUZY Award nominees with a two-day pass or a full-month membership to DrSuzy.Tv.
NOW TRENDING: Lexi Mansfield aka “Lexi Girl” in her 1st appearance on DrSuzy.Tv Funny Bunny XXXmas


Block Books

Dr. Susan Block’s critically acclaimed book, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace Through Pleasure has captivated authors, ambassadors, sexologists, porn stars and over 40 5-star reviews on Amazon with its paradigm-shifting message of peace-through-pleasure, female-empowerment, inclusivity, ecosexuality and sexual liberation! We are all reading Fire and Fury by Michael Wolf, but if you want further insight into the conflict between the U.S and N. Korea READ: Fire and Fury: How the US Isolates North Korea, Encircles China and Risks Nuclear War in Asia by T.J Coles or check out Dr. Susan Block’s article for Counterpunch: The Fire and Fury of Tiki Torches


XXXmas Trance. Photo: Jux Lii

XXXmas Trance. Photo: Jux Lii



WATCH this 2017 SUZY-award-winning scene: Rhiannon Aarons, Madame Raven Rae, Christine Dupree and Michael Q. Schmidt (as Trump)  in Spanksgiving Trump Turkey Strap-on Gangbang on Clip-O-Rama


Time Machine

Golden FemDom Rain isn’t the only way to cool down fire and fury. Let’s go back to August 2017 when cuddlists and hosts of “T & A Talk Sex” Christine Hepburn and Stephanie Allen gave us sweet outercourse lessons in Sex and Cuddling to Cool Down “Fire and Fury” in the Trumpocalypse


The Bonobo Way

Read Dr. Block’s end-of-the-year essay, #GoBonobos in 2018 (also in Counterpunch), and give the Bonobo Way for Valentine’s Day to spread “Peace on Earth ~ Pleasure for All.” The “Make Love Not War,” female-empowered and highly endangered bonobos are the real-life inspiration for The Bonobo Way, and a portion of all Bonobo Way book sales are donated to bonobo conservation, so when you order your copy of this life-changing book, you are also helping to save these marvelous creatures from extinction {8(:|).


Featured Post: NOW BOOKING Guests for the LIVE broadcast of The Dr. Susan Block Show! Explore the Bonoboville City Limits and build your village using our Classifieds, Events, FAQ page, Forums, Groups, Obituaries & much more!

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