Sex in China, Love in LA

Sex in China, Love in LA: Shay Golden, Zhang, Dr. Suzy, “Behind the Red Door: Sex in China” Author Richard Burger, Lucky Starr. Row 2: Brock Hard, Pappy, Jen, Tom Quinn, Producer Tasia Sutor, Kevin Wang. Photo: JuxLii

Length:   1:47:06    Date:  Jan. 26, 2013

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Nee hao! From the ancient TAO to Chairman MAO to what’s happening NOW, this show explores the changing faces of sex in hitherto mysterious China.  Though many of us in the West stereotype the Chinese as a robotic army of androgynous sexophobes, the facts are a lot more complex—and sexy!  Bottom line: There are 1.5 billion people in the PRC (People’s Republic of China) and (like us) they are all Children of Sex, so some of them must be doing it.

But how do they do it?  And how are they changing the ways that they do it, express it, enjoy it, buy it, sell it and talk about it?  How is the current Chinese “sexual revolution” making sex in China like and not like sex beyond the Great Wall?  From marriage to massage, rural villages to Shanghai, communist censors to capitalist prostitutes, ancient imperial bound foot fetishes to a proliferation of modern sex shops (more than 200,000 throughout China, many of which are euphemistically referred to as “beauty salons”), we investigate the fascinating phenomenon of sex in China, going Behind the Red Door with the distinguished author of the critically acclaimed book of that name, as well as a gathering of sexy guests and Sinophiles who were either born in China, had sex in China, would like to have sex in China, or are there right now, calling in to the show live from Beijing!

Other than experiencing a little more static than usual (probably censors interfering with our broadcast, courtesy of the Great Firewall of China), it’s a fine night in Bonoboville. In addition to examining sex in China, we also explore “love in LA,” featuring two hot couples in love and lust, one of which regales us with impressive, hard, humping, explosive interracial sex in the after-party.  With all that stimulation, there’s nothing for your overheated hostess to do but have my own blissful Taoist sex with my marvelous Maoist hubby. Nee hao!  And how…


Richard Burger: The esteemed author of the new, entertaining and highly informative book, Behind the Red Door: Sex In Chinathe only popular book on this taboo topicadmits to being “a little nervous” on his first visit to my Womb Room.  But once he realizes I’m not going to make him perform naked Karaoke, he relaxes and regales us with fascinating facts and tales of sex in China, past and present. One such subject is the Chinese boom in plastic surgery–much of it for the questionable goals of “hymen restoration” to satisfy virgin-craving new husbands and eye jobs and nose jobs to make their faces look more like us dreaded, “spiritually polluted” westerners (even though Western plastic surgery tends to make us look more Asian).  Then there’s the now out of balance, heavily male population of China.  Despite the ancient Taoist theory that yin (female) is just as vital as yang (male), the Chinese are notorious for preferring sons to daughters. Thus, though PRC’s “One Child Policy” appears to have stemmed the tide of China’s gargantuan population, the generations now coming of age have a dangerous imbalance of males over females, producing a range of possible results from a rise in violence to an explosion of opportunities in sex work.  There’s a lot more to Sex in China, so take a look and read the book!  Of course, you’re not permitted to read it in China, at least not in Chinese…not yet.

Victor Muh: Former cinematographer/editor, an American of Chinese heritage (born in Hawaii) now living in China, Victor calls in to this show live from Beijing. He gives us an inside view of life and sex “behind the red door,” explaining that, despite the omnipresent censorship, with just a little ingenuity and courage, he and his friends can usually find what they want sex-wise on the Internet or down the street (at this point, Capt’n Max reminds us that censorship is alive and well in America and the rest of the world, not just China).  Victor has a Chinese girlfriend with whom he enjoys premarital sex, despite the traditional Confucian bias against it.  A filmmaker and part-time DJ, Victor might be considered part of the “new China” that Richard says is breaking a lot of the old rules, sometimes blatantly (as in the case of Muzi Mei, the first female tell-all sex blogger), though more often subtly but surely, like the “peaceful rise” (Zhōngguó hépíng juéqǐ) of China’s power in the world.

Zhang: Another former Bonoboville staffer, Zhang was actually “made in China,” conceived, born and raised within the “middle empire” (Zhōngguó) until her family moved to California when she was eight years old.  Her earliest memory of sex in China is putting her hand between her thighs and then brushing her aromatic fingertips against the unwitting nose of a Chinese boy she liked.  Obviously, Zhang is not your typical, demure Chinese girl pretending to be a virgin until marriage.  She offers insights, questions Richard about his personal experience of sex in China like a ruthless PRC interrogator and cleverly dubs my Tzepao Sanpien Chinese Aphrodisiacs (which Weimar Love star, Professor Mel Gordon, told us includes the penises of dog, deer and antelope) “Dick Jerky.”

Lucky Starr:  On her third vibrant visit to, this utterly adorable porn star reveals that she is 1/16 Chinese on her grandmother’s side, while most of the rest of her is smoking hot Catholic Filipina.  After lending her considerable wit and charm to our discussion of sex in China, she strips off her Chinese-style Cheongsam dress and rides the Sybian to a rip-roaring orgasm, screaming loud enough to shatter the Great Wall of China.  She also gets tied up (with CalExotics Tantric handcuffs), but that’s just her warm-up.  Announcing that she’s no longer dating “Asian Fetishists” (did you know “Asian” is the most highly searched type of porn?), Lucky introduces her lucky new man Kevin Wang.  Despite Wang being a very common Chinese surname, Kevin is actually of Swiss extraction by way of Michigan, and his original last name is Wanger, shortened to better suit his porn career.  Kevin’s Wang is in full force in the after-party when he and Lucky engage in athletic, highly orgasmic, interracial, porn star sex on my broadcast bed, climaxing with a creamy white puddle on Lucky’s tummy with what looks like enough DNA to repopulate half of China (hopefully, it would be mostly girls).  Speaking of girls, Kevin’s going to bring a girl chimpanzee (a rare “pet” of one of his friends) on one of his future visits to the show.  Though I’m a bonobo advocate, I love all apes, including common chimps, and can’t wait until this sure-to-be special meeting!

Shay Golden:  The beautiful distaff half of Bonoboville porn power couple (Brock Hard being the harder half) sports chopsticks in her golden hair in honor of our China theme.  While Max and Zhang debate over who invented noodles/pasta—the Chinese or the Italians—Shay solves the problem by declaring, “I’m hungry.”  She then chews on a few balls of my Tzepao Sanpien Chinese Aphrodisiacs.  “Is this shit?” she asks politely. “No it’s dick,” I answer, “it just tastes like shit.”  To be fair, it tastes more like cocoa-flavored dirt—and it works!  But just to make sure, Shay samples one of our favorite Western aphrodisiacs, Agwa De Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur, licking the salt from Lucky’s nipples before downing the shot, then tying her up with the CalExotics cuffs and spanking her luscious bottom, doing wild flying angels with Brock and spinning around the stripper pole with producer Tasia Sutor who is all decked out in a Pipedream Products Chinagirl fetish outfit that would make Suzie Wong blush to the color of the Chinese flag.

Tom Quinn:  TV producer and author of What Do You Do With A Chocolate Jesus: An Irreverent History of Christianity, last seen on in Chocolate Jesus, Horny Hanukkah, Tom managed to get me to China by proxy, holding a sign that says “Hi Dr. Suzy” at the Great Wall.  He also shares the story of how, when staying in a Chinese hotel, he asked for a plain old massage and got a happy ending. He lost a few Quai in the process, but it was a fair exchange all around.

Jen: This surprise visitor to Bonoboville, a dancer at Sam’s Hofbrau, strips off her top and poledances above the crowd, probably blowing out a few bricks in the Great Firewall of China, as the show comes to a climax.

Pappy:  An active Speakeasy member who once declared that coming to the show his “therapy,” this is Pappy’s first time as a guest on the show.  A regular visitor to China, Pappy lets us know about the simple pleasures there, like the great acupressure and foot massages which he’d get nearly every day. Trying not to boast, Pappy also lets us know he is too well-endowed for most Chinese women (too much wang for the Ms. Wangs) . Plus he knows how to change a proxy to get any internet site you want over there.

Imtiaz:  Another friend of ours who’s been to China a few times, Imtiaz reminds us that anti-female attitudes are not exclusive to China; most Muslim countries enshrine the subjugation of women.  I’m glad that Imtiaz is the one to say this, being Muslim himself.  Then again, many Christian and Hindu cultures are also quite sexist, and right here in America, politicians are still debating whether or not a woman’s body can “shut down” a pregnancy when she’s been “legitimately” raped.  On a lighter note, Imtiaz has just returned from his visit to the AVN convention in Vegas on behalf of The Dr. Susan Block Show.  Though he discovered that a crowded porn convention is not favorite place to hang out, he did meet a lot of interesting people, most of whom were very nice to him once they saw his name card.  Of course, if folks in his Southeast Asia hometown knew where he was, they’d flip their veils.  While in Vegas, Imtiaz visited The Erotic Heritage Museum (where I recently received an honorary Ph.D. from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality).  Interestingly, an EHM contingent is going to China to present some of their work at a sexology conference.  They’ve already ordered a copy of Behind the Red Door: Sex In China to help them prepare.

Snake Eve:  My slinky reptilian co-host helps me open the show and get ready for the Chinese New Year of the Snake!

Thanks to the Block Institute Staff for making this and every show possible.  And thank you, Mark, for doing a great job with my hair!


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