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  1. Max
    02 · 17 · 17 @ 8:15 pm

    Just a note to say I love you and that you are the most extraordinary woman in the world. I hold you gently and kiss you softly. I love you my darling girl.


  2. Johnny
    02 · 17 · 17 @ 6:16 pm

    That picture with Trump & Putin… w/ Putin’s love-baby… priceless.


  3. Del Rey
    02 · 17 · 17 @ 6:02 pm

    A bunch of bonobos walk into a pub, a few ask for beer, and so the bartender brings over a pitcher; a few ask for wine and so the bartender pops open a fresh bottle at the table.

    As the bonobos are about to toast, they realize that one bonobo has been left out! OH MY!

    The bartender asks “what’ll ya have?” to which the bonobo replies, “A stiff shot.” And before the bartender can ask, “Of what?” The bonoboësque couple at the end of the table shouts out “we’ve got this!”

    A phone call is made and in walks Ron Jeremy, Mayor of Bonoboville. *ba dum tsh*

    Cheers Bonobos!

    Dr. Suzy, from the Cupcake Theater to Venice beach to Bonoboville itself, you’re simply one of a kind. I’m amazed and inspired by your conservation efforts and boundless LOVE for pan paniscus, our furry great ape cousins. Your book, the show, your relationships with people are all interconnected with the bonobo way, thanks for sharing this wonderful and paradigm shifting way of peace through pleasure. #GoBonobos!


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